Mineral Engine Oil

ZENQ G3 20W50

ZENQ G3 product contains premium base stock formulated with the multiple additives and blended with latest technology; Provides superior lubrication for the gasoline engines that requires high quality multi-grade engine oil. Suitable for passenger cars, and light duty commercial vehicles demanding SF service category multi-grade engine oil. It helps lower the maintenance cost by reducing engine wear and improving performance.s

Properties & Characteristics (Typical Values)
Unit 20W50
Density @ 15°C gr/cm3 0.880
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C mm2/s 19.1
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C mm2/s 174
Viscosity Index - 125
Pour Point °C -30
Flash Point COC °C 229
Product Benefits
  • Resists breakdown at high temperatures.
  • Exhibits easier cold weather starting.
  • Excellent fuel economy and energy efficiency.
  • Oxidation stability and anti-corrosion properties.

ZENQ G3 meets or exceed following spec;


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